Are you feeling the very best that you can today? What is your energy level by 4 pm? How do you sleep? Do you feel content after a meal or bloated and then hungry 30 minutes later? Are you active? Who makes you laugh?

Sleeplessness, digestive issues, fatigue, skin irritations, weight gain, high blood pressure and autoimmune stress are all challenges that can often be alleviated if not prevented.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Joel Fuhrman look closely at how different foods affect our body, emotions and overall health.  Dr. Caldwell B, Esselstyn, Jr. looks at the close relationship between food and heart health. Dr. Paul Epstein talks about the significance of the mind/body connection – how biography can affect biology. Dr. Rubin Naiman points out that nature invites us to sleep by offering that inner peace, we seem to have no time for in today’s fast paced world.

While I have only mentioned a few of the renowned experts in the health and wellness field, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition offered many more.




How can I help you?  After filling out a health history form,  we consider the health goal you want to achieve and the obstacles standing in your way.  Next, we develop strategies, fitting into your schedule, that you can commit to and maintain.  Whether it’s losing weight, refurbishing  your digestive tract, getting active or reducing stress, continued correspondence for a three month period allows for us to work out the kinks. Follow up emails include articles and videos to motivate and encourage you. Cornell University’s Nutrition Studies program  offered specific, concrete evidence on the benefits of including whole plant-based foods for optimum physical and mental health. Instead of depriving, the key is to add, and that’s where I come in.

My purpose is to create awareness, followed by action. Most of us know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and reducing stress. Yet ‘diets’ tend to be short lived and make us feel deprived. Working out the first day is great and boring the next. And there are many ways to handle stress, but are they the healthiest?

This is a life style change, not a diet.

What’s your health goal?