Garden Salad

Food has energy.  Food gives energy.  The more nutrient dense the food we eat is, the more efficient our circular, cardiac, respiratory and immune systems function.  If you can grow it from the ground or pick it from a tree, eat it.

Steve Gagne’, in Food Energetics, discusses the molecular communication between plant and human cells.  Did you know that through plants’ own veins and arteries, that crinkly stuff you see on a plant leaf, molecules communicate to each other, directing specific vitamins, minerals and fats to our cells and organs, where needed.  Processed foods, like trans fats, throw off that molecular signaling and can screw up our whole network.

Each food, according to Gagne’, has a specific personality, character and its potential for the human body.  Leafy greens, for instance, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen – a perfect compliment to our own respiratory system.  Root vegetables pull in and absorb nutrients for the plant it supports, just as our small intestines absorb nutrients into our digestive system, blood and cells.  Interestingly, soup made from root vegetables is often prescribed for an upset stomach or digestive issues.

75% of our immune system is located in our gut.  As Dr. Frank Lipman (Functional Medicine) points out, our digestive tract is the skin of our internal system.  Acid Reflux, GERD, IBS and the host of digestive issues and diseases, which can be debilitating and even life threatening, can be prevented through FOOD.

The key is to begin to incorporate more WHOLE FOODS – from the ground or tree – into our meals, starting with FRUIT in the morning and a GARDEN SALAD before dinner.

Can you do that?