Beyond Sticks, Twigs & Berries Montauk, NY


We started with a 10 minute meditation at sunset to realign our circadian rhythm and bring it down a notch. That was followed by a delicious 4 course vegan meal: Dill Pickle, Chick Pea Hummus, Sweet Potato Apple Chutney Soup, Beet Carpaccio, Arugula and Toasted Almonds Salad, Polenta Cake with sautéed Greens, Blistered Tomatoes, Mushrooms in a Farm to Table Vegetable Broth, followed by a Flourless Brownie topped with Coconut Sorbet. No animal protein or fat, but I believe everyone left content. Even better, guests were asked to introduce themselves to someone new and that got the conversations flowing. Why not?

This was the scene at the MONTAUK YACHT CLUB last Thursday.

The name of the game is to consider how we can eat healthier, even in a steakhouse; how we can be fulfilled, nutritionally, without sacrificing taste; strategies to unwind, despite a stressful job; and how to remain positive and happy in the face of daily obstacles.

If your professional group is interested in a WELLNESS RETREAT, trying delicious food and learning new ideas about eating, activity, rest and all that contributes to a long and healthy life style, please contact me at:

In the last 40 years, the American diet has been transformed into various strategies to combat heart disease, obesity and to enhance longevity. Since healthy and smart diets have remained a staple in “The End,” Montauk Yacht Club and Gwendolen Bokine (Gwennie on the Go) teamed up to host Beyond Twigs, Sticks and Berries and offer East Enders some new ideas about embracing the essence of healthy living through eating without compromising on taste.

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