Beyond Twigs, Sticks and Berries II EH: Oh What a Night…….

Pranyama:  Not just our breath, but our life force.  I can see my guests easing down, unwinding, as I tell them to focus on their breath and just feel.  Five minutes before, most were not interested in stepping outside – “It’s cold out there” –

As we head back inside, I heard, “That was great.”  You can see us holding hands, but I didn’t suggest it.  It’s what makes Beyond Twigs, Sticks and Berries not just dining, but a dinning experience.  We’re not just going out to dinner with no meat or cheese, we’re learning the importance of bringing down our circadian rhythm with dusk.  We need to stop and just be.  Then we can sit down and enjoy a meal together.  Eating is more than just filling our plates and ravenous hunger, it’s a community of family, friends and new encounters sharing food and drink.

Here we get to indulge in a delicious meal that is plant-based, Italian style, if you can imagine one without ricotta, mozzarella and sausage and still so delicious.  That’s the challenge.

Chef and owner, Maurizio Marfoglia, once again dazzled us:  Vegetable ceviche with a simple, yet so tasty, orange, lemon, lime and (touch of) brown sugar vinaigrette.  Perhaps because of my own German heritage, spaetzle with a red beet puree, followed; Fire roasted heirloom, yellow and red tomato gazpacho soup and then a seitan scaloppine with white wine, capers with a green and red kale salad with a basil vinaigrette dressing.  It tasted like the wiener schnitzel I group up eating, sans cholesterol, saturated fat, hormones, toxins, and I could go on, but instead,  I’ll mention the most delicious and sinful dessert:  Dolce, which is a flourless dark, chocolate cake.  No, I don’t have a picture.  It was gone from everyone’s plate before I could reach for the camera.

Next Stop: SAG HARBOR, NY:  May 4th….   A preview: