Beyond Twigs Sticks and Berries: Sag Harbor / Spring 2017


Meditation and the vegetable ramen in a miso based broth

I’m always asked, so what’s the point?

To open up people’s minds and palettes. To get them thinking and talking about what their favorite vegetable is and ask, what do you eat, daily, if you’re not eating meat, fish, chicken, eggs or dairy? What could you possibly be eating?

What made this BTSB different? People talked. To each other, even though many of them just met, for the first time. And it was people of all ages, ranging from 20 something to 70 plus. Wait, that was a typo, I meant 90 plus!  I looked around and no one was looking at his/her phone. WOW! The name cards on the plates may have helped, and it’s those details and challenges you work out, making the Beyond Twigs, Sticks and Berries experience even better.

From Italian to Japanese, the plates were smaller and the vegetables so clean and fresh that even sauce was unnecessary. Shiitake mushrooms, known for their antigen binding lectins, are one of the most nutritional vegetables we can eat (Dr. Joel Fuhrman) and so rich in texture, surrounded by brown rice and seaweed.

No one will deny the ramen noodle soup, with an assortment of vegetables and a deliciously, sweet pepper tomato was mouth watering.  I saw people drinking the last drop, right from the bowl. I followed suit. It was made in a vegan miso based broth that was quite tasty. Owner, Jesse Matsuoka, showed us the ingredients used to make the dashi (broth): Kombu, the King of Seaweed, rich in minerals and found at your local organic grocery store, scallions, garlic, miso and the secret ingredient, sweet miso, which alleviates the salty taste of the other. Kombu can be used in cooking rice, pasta, soups, etc. to increase the meal’s nutritional value.

Owner, Jesse Matsuoka, discussing the use of Kombu in creating the miso soup dashi

The panko crusted tofu was topped with shredded cabbage, swiss chard, carrots, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, tomatoes and fresh micro-greens. Need I say more:


And of course I thoroughly enjoy the meditation before dinner. We walked to the water, not exactly in front of Billy Joel’s house, but close, and we looked out to the sea. Breathing, listening to the sounds of waves’ vibration, quietly, letting go and living in the moment.

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I see Paris. I see France – next BTSB, French.p







photo credit:

Monique Singhroy