My mother is European, and I credit that to my early taste for herbs. Dill was a particular favorite in our cucumber salad. Klaus told me that if I swallowed the bay leaf, it would kill me. German humor. I never forgot that. While he exaggerated a bit, I clearly see why I wouldn’t want to swallow it with it’s jagged edges, but it certainly offers flavor to soups and sauces.

What I didn’t realize at the time or even until quite recently, is the nutrient value of herbs and spices. I mean the amazing nutrient value. Did you know that they can increase the antioxidant upload of your meal by 50%? Antioxidants equal anti-rusting of ours cells, preventing mutation and blocking pathogens. And they add so much flavor that salt, oil and butter become second tier, even dispensible. Why not? Have you ever tried it?

Moving closer to nature and a whole food, plant-based Vet’ as opposed to ‘diet,’ I have become consious of herbs’ and spices’ nutritional boost, and I was truly amazed at the their history in use of medicine, from Hippocrates onward. Every source of inflamation, from digestion to anxiety has been treated with herbs and spices, and I would be surprised if you didn’t keep a jar or tincture of tumeric in your spice rack or medicine cabinet.

As a nutritional coach and a woman who went from take out dinners and “the gym? Maybe tomorrow,” I have learned the importance of 3 things: Food, particularly unprocessed, plant-based to increase my energy and keep my body and mind healthy; Activity, no matter how long, outside or in, on a daily basis, circulating my blood and lymphatic system; and the role of Nature as the source for the healthiest food, the most exhilirating activity and the space that allows me to unwind and be at peace.

Herbs n Spices are nature’s gifts to us in maintaining health while enjoying delicious flavor.
Salty, pungent, sweet, sour and spicy! Enjoy!